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new-logo2Spud Patrol :: Vancouver, Nanaimo, Asheville N.C.
People Feeding People

Congratulations Vancouver: Serving for 25 years, Nanaimo 20 yrs, Asheville NC 11 years

We think that no one should go hungry in our communities!
Inspired by Jeffrey Armstrong

JOIN IN!  It’s fun! it’s easy! and it’s good karma.

(S.P.U.D. – Serving Potatoes to Unrecognized Devas) Sanskrit for Divine Beings

Children are welcome to attend. Bring the family & friends!

Potatoes baked with love from your home to the homeless.

Be prepared for a rush of gratitude that will sustain and refresh you in a way that sleep doesn’t do…

Each city coordinator brings the all the plates / serving bowls/ forks / salt & pepper. Please help with a financial donation to cover this expense.

SIGN UP by calling or emailing your city coordinator listed below.

Mark your Calendars – 2023 SPUD dates are:

2023: Jan 7, Feb 4, Mar 4, April 8, May 6, June 3, *July 1, July 29, Sept. 2, Sept 30, Oct. 28, Nov. 25, Dec. 23

Please check with your city Sponsor before coming out! We will post monthly updates here. More city sponsors are needed!

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out in 2022.  Covid affected many and there are now even more people “housing challenged”. Over the past 2 years there are more people forced to live on the streets, suicides are higher than ever and a warm baked potato would have been a welcome meal for many. It’s certainly 2.5 years we would like to forget but probably never will.

Generosity and kindness to all humanity are qualities we should aspire. Stay healthy, and call someone you love or have been out of touch with today.

Ongoing for over 22 years in Vancouver!! Founded by Jeffrey Armstrong & Sandi Graham


As well as potatoes please bring any of the following:

used, clean warm clothing – men’s & women’s coats, pants, shoes, shirts, socks, sweaters, sweatshirts, hats, gloves, scarves, blankets or sleeping bags are always welcomed.

If you can’t bake — bring butter or sour cream, shredded cheese or a bowl of chopped green onions…and your enthusiasm!

Spud Patrol


Thanks for caring and sharing…


When cooking spuds…


The night before: Wrap all your spuds in tinfoil (don’t pierce them) Stack them evenly in the oven – ready for the morning.

9:00 am Next Morning: Bake at 450 degrees for 1.5-2 hrs – if they are really big give them longer (test one)

11-11:30 Pack potatoes into coolers or Costco bags and bring all the trimmings to the meeting point.


  • We are getting quite a few that are still hard inside, It is really hard to OVERCOOK a baked potato…so please overcook as opposed to undercook.
  • Please check, and don’t poke the spud through the tin foil with a fork as it drives the foil into the spud and leaves BLACK MARKS in the potato.

Sign up in your city by emailing or calling the coordinators in your city below:


VANCOUVER Requires a New Coordinator

Many thanks to Tracy Borders and the students at Alpha Secondary who supported this project for many years.  Everyone is very grateful for your time and efforts. 

Please contact:

Media: Sandi Graham 604-771-1030

If you wish to be a co-ordinator in your city please contact Sandi

WHERE: Meets on Hastings Street – at Pigeon Park. Corner of Hastings and Carroll St


Kate & Steen Petersen (250) 390-1216 or

Many thanks to Ev Schmidt who managed SPUD for over 7 years!

WHERE: Bring your offerings down to the green space in front of the Casino downtown, across the road from Wendy’s, next to the Italian/fish fountain BEFORE NOON!


Many thanks to Chuck & Annette Hunner who managed SPUD for 11  years!

We now need a new coordinator to take over –

Contact Sandi 604-771-1030

WHERE: Location TBD. We begin serving spuds at 11 am.


Needs a New co-ordinator

WHERE: Location is corner of Vancouver St. and Pandora St. – Map Here

Coordinators are needed:

Where ever People/Devas are going hungry….
Surrey, Edmonton, CALGARY, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Seattle, Portland, in California and all US Cities…