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People Feeding People
Spud Patrol

Mark your Calendars – 2019 SPUD dates:

Jan 19, Feb 16, Mar 23, April 20, May 18 (full moon), June 15,

July 13, Aug 17, Sept 14 (full moon), Oct. 12, Nov 9, Dec 14. – all cities–

JOIN IN! It’s fun! it’s easy! and it’s good karma. Children are welcome to attend. Bring the family & friends!
Perhaps you may wish to contribute to the coordinator’s cost of plates / forks / salt & pepper.
Be prepared for a rush of gratitude that will sustain and refresh you in a way that sleep doesn’t do…
SIGN UP by calling or emailing.
We think that no one should go hungry in our communities!
Inspired by Jeffrey Armstrong
Sign up in your city by emailing or calling the coordinators in your city below:
Tracy Borders – 604-254-7337 – & Sandra Chun
Kate & Steen Petersen (250) 390-1216 or

Many thanks to Ev Schmidt who managed SPUD for over 7 years!

Needs a New co-ordinator

Location is corner of Vancouver St. and Pandora St. – Map Here

Chuck & Annette Hunner – 828-216-1422 –
Location is the parking lot south of the City Bus Station off Coxe Avenue. We begin serving spuds at 11 am.
Coordinators are needed:
Where ever Devas are going hungry….
Edmonton, CALGARY, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, Seattle, Portland, in California and all US Cities…